Watch All The Movies

My “Watch All The Movies” project is something that I took up a while ago when I decided I’d like to figure out which years were actually the best for cinema. The answer, of course, is subjective. However, I’d like to come to some sort of definite conclusion, at least on my own.

That involves watching a lot of movies from each year. You can’t get a proper consensus with a small sample size, after all. So, I’m working through the important movies, as well as some that I just want to see, year by year, working backward from the current year.

I’ll keep this site updated with my findings.

For each year, I will tell you how many movies I have watched from the year, split both the number and the ratings by theatrical and non-theatrical, and then present my top movies and my worst movies of the year. The worst movies will only include theatrically released films, while the best list will be open to both theatrical and non-theatrical.

Here is a spreadsheet with my progress to-date. The numbers should be self-explanatory. Numbers in red are worse than their decade’s average.

To explore my progress, either click a decade below to get started, or use the navigation tools at the top of the page to get to an individual year.