Trolls World Tour (2020)

As we live in a world in which all cinemas are shut down and very few new-release movies are being released, here comes Trolls World Tour down from the heavens to grace us with the presence of a previously theatrical title that its distributor has decided to release direct-to-VOD. The sequel to 2016’s drug metaphor Trolls (you know I’m right) is now here, and the result is … less interesting, very wholesome, and pretty much exactly what any musically inclined kids who have been cooped inside for a month will want to watch on repeat to burn some of that energy.

The story sees Poppy (voice of Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) learn that their group of Trolls are not the only Trolls that exist. There are several different variations and they all sing different types of music. The rock group, led by Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom), has decided that it wants to unite all of the groups … by forcing them all to exclusively play rock music. So Poppy, Branch, and a couple of other pop-focused Trolls head off on an adventure to stop her.

If you’ve ever seen a movie, you can likely guess exactly where this is headed. Its main goal is to tell its viewers how important it is to allow everyone to be themselves, and how having diversity in thought, culture, and all those good things is good for society as a whole. It’s not an especially original message, but it’s one that one can hope most people will appreciate and one that kids especially can’t hear too many times.

The rest of the film? It’s a bog-standard adventure movie with a lot of well-known songs, more color than every single MCU film combined, and a few decent jokes. It’s entertaining enough for its brief running time and knows that its premise can’t sustain a running time any longer than it is. Kids who haven’t seen a similar type of movie will really enjoy it and the animation, voice acting, and music should keep the adults from pulling out too many stray hairs.

There’s an infectious joyful energy permeating throughout Trolls World Tour, which could make it the perfect new “big” movie to be released at this time. It’s hard to walk away from it with a frown, and even if it’ll be largely forgettable pretty much after it’s over, the time spent with it isn’t going to be considered wasted by too many. That’ll be especially true for people with young children.

I personally hope that this straight-to-VOD strategy works for studios so that more films will either be released that way or simultaneously with cinemas in the future. But, even with that aside, Trolls World Tour is the perfect type of movie to test the project. It’s a happy family-friendly movie that will function well as a distraction in this current environment, remind us that we’re all in it together, and promote inclusion and diversity. It’s mostly forgettable and not very distinctive, but it features strong animation, good music, and strong vocal work. Much like its predecessor, it’s a serviceable movie.

Conclusion: Trolls World Tour is a fine sequel to a fine movie.

Recommendation: If you have kids or like music movies, Trolls World Tour will be worth checking out.

  • 5/10
    Rating - 5/10

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