Thou Shalt Not Kill (CIFF 2019)

One man versus the world. It’s a trope as old as the sand beneath our feet—because we all live on beaches, I guess—and it’s deployed here in Thou Shalt Not Kill. The situation? Cristian (Alexandru Suciu) works as a surgeon at a Bucharest hospital. Even after seemingly successful procedures, people are dying. Why’s that? He begins to investigate. And as he digs and digs, he uncovers things that won’t surprise you if you’ve ever seen a man-vs-corporation movie before.

I suppose there aren’t really many ways one can go with this kind of story. Of course there are lines being skirted for profit. Of course it’s an open secret. Everyone knows but nobody cares. Except our protagonist. Thou Shalt Not Kills knows what it’s going for and beelines there. It makes the film predictable and morally unambiguous. But, hey, that’s what it wants to be. It has a message to share—and it’s an admirable one—so have at it as far as I’m concerned. It’s also based on real events. I don’t know if that acts as a defense against the criticism; I just wanted you to know that.

The mystery-thriller aspect fails to keep us too interested, although its setting—the healthcare system, in particular the one in Romania—does help freshen it up a little bit. If you aren’t tired of these kinds of movies, or if you’re interested in the medical field, Thou Shalt Not Kill might be worth your time. Otherwise, it’s a passable watch but not something to seek out.

Conclusion: Thou Shalt Not Kill is a conspiracy movie that feels a lot like the rest.

Recommendation: Thou Shalt Not Kill is only really worthwhile if this particular setting/situation sounds interesting to you.

  • 5/10
    Rating - 5/10

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