The Courier (2019)

Admittedly, you don’t have to do much more than say “Olga Kurylenko doing a Die Hard knockoff” to get me interested in a project. Throw in an over-acting and eyepatch-wearing Gary Oldman as the villain and I’ll watch your movie, okay? That is the wrong way to decide how one spends their time—actors are generally not a consistent indicator of quality; looking at the crew is a more reliable way to predict whether something will be worthwhile—but it’s how most people decide what to watch and both factors here certainly set up for a fun and campy experience.

The plot … doesn’t matter. The majority of the film takes place in a parking garage where a bunch of buff dudes with guns and other various weapons try to kill characters played by Kurylenko and Amit Shah. The latter is a key witness, set to testify against Oldman’s character. He’s to be killed, and Kurylenko decides to save him because of reasons. It’s all just to set up a Die-Hard-a-like in a car park, and nothing else. It doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t add up, and it doesn’t matter a whole lot.

You’re here for the action, and the action ranges from passable to bad. There are a couple of creative kills here and there and Kurylenko is a lot of fun, but much of it is also choppy and visually ugly. You get a bit of gore splattered throughout and some nasty head wounds, though, so if that’s what you’re here for you’ll likely leave satisfied. There are knife battles vehicular warfare, shootouts, and fist fights. It’s not boring, and the action is almost nonstop.

“Almost” is a word I wish I didn’t have to include there, but it’s one of The Courier‘s biggest problems. We get moderately involved in the story that’s taking place at the parking garage, but there are intermittent cuts to Oldman sitting at home while under house arrest that destroy the flow. Almost nothing happens during these scenes, and they take you out of the experience. It’s mostly redundant dialogue (he really wants Shah’s character dead, you see, and needs to tell us every 15 minutes) or focusing on an odd subplot involving subordinates that never amounts to much.

You’ll note that I haven’t even mentioned the characters’ names, or much about them beyond the most basic of motivations. Some of them don’t have names. Kurylenko is our protagonist but keeps her name hidden for security reasons, we are led to presume. She gets one exposition dump of character development and that’s the most the film can muster in this area for anyone. Apart from being played by actors you may or may not recognize, all of the characters are generic and have nothing to stand out. Somehow, this took four credited writers to script.

The Courier is a largely a nothing movie. It has a plot that barely makes sense, generic and bland characters, a flow-breaking decision to constantly cut back to Gary Oldman lounging around a mansion, and hit-or-miss action scenes. It’s the type of movie that in years past would go straight to video—and now it goes straight to VOD. It’s not worth one’s time except as a time-waster if you like the actors involved.

Conclusion: The Courier is a nothing action movie.

Recommendation: Unless you want to see Olga Kurylenko beat up dudes in a parking garage for an hour, which admittedly sounds fun, there’s no reason to watch The Courier.

  • 3/10
    Rating - 3/10

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