Supercon (2018)

“Hey, guys, aren’t passionate fans of things funny?” Supercon, the lowest of low-brow comedies, certainly thinks so. While there are ways to either satirize or lovingly send up the “con” experience, this isn’t the movie to do either. This is a movie that makes fun of people who attend these things and the experience as a whole, throws in a lot of gross-out humor, and then tosses in a half-baked heist plot midway through because “cynical losers make fun of nerds” isn’t enough of a premise on which to base a movie, I guess.

Our “lead”—if you can call him that—is Keith (Russell Peters), who was a sidekick child actor but no longer has much of a career. He goes to conventions because they pay him, but he hates every minute of them. Alongside Matt (Ryan Kwanten) and Allison (Maggie Grace), they sulk around the scene and do the bare minimum. They also hate Keith’s old co-star, Adam King (Clancy Brown), because he’s a jerk. He’s also the most popular star of the convention, and charges $75 per autograph. So, they decide to rob him of his money as a means of payback.

The result is nothing even remotely interesting or engaging. For me, at least, only one joke landed. There are a lot of attempts, but the writing is awful and the targets are obvious. They’re often mean-spirited or filled with toilet humor that, really, anyone watching this movie should be old enough to no longer find funny. If you like watching a man have to smell another man’s “bathroom activity,” before falling face-first into the toilet only to splash up and subsequently be covered in an impossible amount of tainted liquid, then I guess Supercon is for you.

For the rest of you, you’re not going to find this movie amusing. It’s too cynical when it should be sweet or smart, it doesn’t have a single character that doesn’t feel like a caricature, and its “heroes” are most certainly not worth rooting for. They’re not good people, and that’s about all we get to know about them. They have no depth, so that’s what we have to go on. The “villain” is a jerk, sure, but so are they; he’s just more open about it.

Is there anything good about Supercon? No.

Supercon is a movie that’s painful to watch. It lacks laughs, insights, plot, characters, purpose, acting, cinematography, editing, themes, joy, entertainment—sorry, where was I going with this? Oh yeah. It’s awful from start to finish. You can do better, movie industry. And so can you, people at home. This is a reminder that, even if a movie has actors you recognize and an on-paper plot that sounds good, it doesn’t mean it’s any good. Supercon is a cynical and joyless experience.

Conclusion: Supercon is a cynical and joyless experience that fails in every aspect it could.

Recommendation: Do not watch Supercon.

  • 0/10
    Rating - 0/10

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