Keely and Du (CIFF 2018)

Keely and Du is a movie that’s going to make a few people upset. It’s a movie about abortion, or more correctly the right to choose whether or not to have one. It has a couple of characters who are extremely against it, regardless of circumstances, and it’s not particularly subtle about painting them as the villains. As such, if that’s a barrier of entry you’re unable to overcome, leave now because you’ll get nothing from this movie or its review.

Okay, so Keely and Du is about a woman, Keely (Laurence Leboeuf), who gets kidnapped and put in an isolated cabin on an island. The only other person there is Du (Nancy Palk), who acts as her caregiver. Robert (Aidan Devine) brings them supplies every now and then, but he brings and takes with him the only boat. Keely is pregnant and was going to have an abortion. Du and Robert are going to keep her on the island until she has the child. Because “God’s plan” is for her to have it, and nothing else matters to them.

Most of the film focuses on the two eponymous women as Keely tries to convince Du to let her leave and the latter tries to “convert,” for lack of a better word, the former. They form something of a hesitant friendship while they’re there but it’s clear from the get-go that Keely’s mind is made up. There are some reveals and turns along the way that keep it interesting. Leboeuf, Palk, and Devine are all solid—the first two get a lot more to do and are great—and the movie certainly gets its point across, sometimes with shocking efficiency, even if the whole thing does feel a lot like a play (it was adapted from one).

Conclusion: Keely and Du is a thrilling movie about the abortion debate.

Recommendation: Unless the subject matter turns you off, Keely and Du is worthwhile.

  • 7/10
    Rating - 7/10

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