Izzy Gets the F#$% Across Town (CIFF 2017)

Characters like Izzy (Mackenzie Davis) are usually given supporting roles. She’s the girl who has no idea what to do with her life, is broke, doesn’t have a car, is still in love with someone she no longer dates, etc. This is usually The Friend. Izzy Gets the F#$% Across Town has her as the protagonist. As novel a concept as that is, it soon becomes clear why this character type is reserved for The Friend.

As the cheeky title states, Izzy really needs to get across town. That town is Los Angeles. She doesn’t have a car or money. She needs to get to an engagement party in order to reconcile with the soon-to-be groom. Her journey has her meet a whole bunch of people, most of whom only get one scene of screen time. Some of them are helpful, others are not. The various stops on the trip become less interesting as time goes on as it becomes clear that a single-minded character isn’t going to do much to grow on an audience.

Some of the events in the film are fun, no doubt. But it gets repetitive. Only one conversation—about fate and determinism—is of any real interest. Mackenzie Davis makes the most of her character. The ending—particularly the three or so scenes that lead up to it—will likely frustrate viewers. But, mostly, this character just doesn’t work as the protagonist. At least, not without something to give her more depth. That eventually comes, but far too late. Izzy Gets the F#$% Across Town isn’t bad, but it serves only as moderate entertainment and little more.

Conclusion: Izzy Gets the F#$% Across Town is a decent distraction.

Recommendation: When it hits VOD, Izzy Gets the F#$% Across Town might be worth a rental.

  • 5/10
    Rating - 5/10

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