Bad Match (CIFF 2017)

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve seen a stalker thriller before. Two characters date, one doesn’t want to date anymore, and the other one decides to stalk, harass, or otherwise continue to “pursue” the first. Here we have Bad Match, which is a stalker thriller for users of dating apps. Or for those of you who are tired of most stalker thrillers, because it provides a subversion of expectations that’s clever and far more enjoyable than you might expect.

Our protagonist is Harris (Jack Cutmore-Scott), someone who uses dating apps as a means to a quick lay and nothing more. He matches with Riley (Lili Simmons), who immediately seems very drawn to him. They have a good time, and then when he tries to blow her off, she doesn’t let him. Relentless texts and calls lead him to believe that she’s crazy.

That’s all you’re getting out of me. To see how he deals with that situation, and how the film eventually winds up playing around with the genre and the gender expectations that come from it, you’ll have to watch it yourself. Suffice to say, as far as I’m concerned, it’s very clever and a lot of fun. Simmons and Cutmore-Scott are really solid, there’s some good filmmaking and some very solid cinematography, and there are more than a few laughs. Bad Match is really good.

Conclusion: Thanks to the way it subverts expectations, Bad Match winds up being a smarter-than-average and pretty fun stalker thriller.

Recommendation: Bad Match is worth checking out.

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