Another Round (CIFF 2020)

Director Thomas Vinterberg reunites with Mads Mikkelsen to give us Another Round, a movie that requires a delicate touch to not be nauseating. The premise is such: there’s a theory out there that the human body should constantly have a 0.05% BAC in order to function at its peak. So, four high school teachers—Mikkelsen’s character is given the most focus—decide to test this theory. Mikkelsen plays Martin, who is boring and lacks passion and focus in all aspects of his life. The other teachers are also there but don’t get as much depth. Will this turn his life around?

I know what you’re thinking: this is the logic of a functioning alcoholic. And you’re probably right. The movie plays out largely as you’d expect from a man in the throes of a midlife crisis who resorts to alcohol in an attempt to salvage his job, his relationships, and essentially his life. Vinterberg and Mikkelsen are an incredible pair and handle the story with the delicacy it deserves, avoiding turning it into a melodrama or a lampooning.

For example if someone like, I don’t know, Todd Phillips was behind this film, it would be intolerable from start to finish. But because of the way it’s handled, because of the way Mikkelsen and Vinterberg navigate Martin, it is a fascinating watch. It’s relatively predictable with its overarching plot but the details captivate, the moment-to-moment laughs and cries feel so important. The best version of this story uses his friends in a fuller way, but the version we got in Another Round is more than worth the trip.

Conclusion: Another Round is a predictable but worthwhile midlife crisis movie.

Recommendation: If you like the talent behind or on screen, or the plot interests you, check out Another Round.

  • 8/10
    Rating - 8/10

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